Architect Ronald Zürcher G. 

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After graduating from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Ronald Zürcher began his independent architectural practice in Costa Rica in 1978, in a small studio located in Barrio Amón, in the heart of San José. Over the years, his practice has grown to include major hospitality design projects, as well as high-end residential and commercial projects.

He has been nationally and internationally recognized for his concern, sensibility and search for the contextual image of projects and his awareness in the identification of local architecture. This recognition has taken him to be involved in projects in Costa Rica, Central America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Furthermore, his Nicaraguan roots motivated him to participate in the creation of the book “La Casa Nicaraguense”, which reflects the splendor and beauty of Nicaraguan architecture and helped in the awareness of the need to preserve it.

Since 1983 his particular interest ignited for tourism projects and it’s residential component, where he encountered vast potential to bring in a bit of history and other peculiar conditions each site offered, into the space planning and design for each project.

Ronald has subsequently designed several boutique hotels, hotels and resorts, and thus began a solid relationship with select developers and opera­tors from the hospitality industry. With his partner Adrian they oversee every project from the early conceptual stages to the final stages of construction. 

Ronald also co-founded Greenplan (a master planning and landscape design company). Diseño Interno (an interior design and interior architecture team), and Empresarios por el Arte (an association that promotes contemporary Costa Rican artists internationally and organizes both the Costa Rican and Central American Bienal of Visual Arts).

Ronald Zürcher is current member of:

  • Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos (CFIA)
  • The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Cámara de Consultores Privados en Arquitectura e Ingeniería
  • Cámara de la Construcción
  • Greenplan S.A
  • Diseño Interno S.A.
  • Empresarios por el Arte

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